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I invite you to start your journey towards your high vibe life with my Simple Health Tracker for more energy and strength to make it through the busy week!

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Take care of your energy, create a clear vision and gain confidence with my guidance:

Simple Health Tracker

Follow this simple Physical Self Care routine and feel well rested & energized all week. It’s FREE! Wohoo!

My Course on Udemy

Explore a simple, sustainable way to eat healthy with Meal Planning and prep: Nutritious cooking for busy people

Vision Board Workshops, Events and 1:1 coaching

Different habits, different life? But which habits? Vision Integration Method will give you a 360 view of your current situation so you know what needs your attention the most and gives you a clear vision so you can catapult into the life of your dreams!

About Me

Hi! I’m Natasa!

Certified Personal Trainer, vision strategist and an advocate for conscious living.

I deeply believe the key to successful lifestyle design is tapping into the resources currently available and your own creativity. And while having goals in life is important, it’s even more important to learn how to enjoy the process. 

Skipping straight to implementation and execution without a solid strategy may leave you spinning your wheels wasting time and money. 

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to ditch self doubt and finally believe in yourself to FINALLY get into the best shape of your life or start that dream online business. 

I can help you think through things, develop creative solutions, and create plans for your future. 


C.r.u.s.h Framework


Clarity & Vision.


Room for change.


Updated mindset.


Sustainable strategy.


Honoring the process.

1:1 services & workshops

Vision Strategy & Holistic Personal Training


Clarity for your next steps to consciously achieve your big picture.

Offering you breaktrough ahas with actionable, customized strategies and plans to move forward with clarity, purpose and direction.

I can coach you in either Finnish or English.


Make sense of all your thoughts, ideas, opportunities and challenges.

I can help you find patterns, brainstorm ideas, analyze options and guide you through in making decisions.

Happy Clients

“With Natasa’s humane and gentle guidance, it was easy to go through what one really wants, what are the first steps and how to focus on what is essential.”

Natte Kusnezov

Alternative Model, Youtuber, Nail artist

“The most significant thing for me has been the clarification of the plans – the vague future has become concrete ideas and intentions, not only in the short term, but also in the longer term. Now it’s easier to start directing my own activities.”

Agata Makowiecka


“With Natasa’s help, I found what I really want to do and together we have worked on things from ideas to concrete action. I always get help and support from Natasa if my self-belief starts to wane.”

Saija Hakonen

Mental Coach


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