Personal training & Vision Strategy Coaching

Clarity for your next steps to consciously achieve your big picture.

Offering you breaktrough ahas with actionable, customized strategies and plans to move forward with clarity, purpose and direction.

I can coach you in either Finnish or English.

Would you like to be, do & have it all?

If you want to reach your goals beyond what you ever thought was possible, invite a new level of confidence and transform — even if nothing has ever worked for you before:

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning knowing that you have the ”secret recipe” to your destiny.


No more  overthinking in bed doing nothing but scroll your phone… but actually acting on your dreams.


No more watching countless of hours of expert trainings on goal setting and motivation to only know in theory what you should be doing but the reality is you have absolutely no idea where to start… but a clear understanding about what needs your attention the most.


Clarity: Where are you today and who do you want to BE?

Action: What you have to DO to become that person?

Target: What do you get to HAVE as a result?

You will see your self and your whole life in a different light, and it changes everything.

 And the best part is, once you complete the process, you’ll  attract your vision in ways that are completely in alignment with your highest self. Finally you will be in control of your destiny, instead of being the victim. 

You are worthy of more in your life. You deserve it all.

Reignite your spark in just 90 minutes. I’ll guide you through the Vision Integration process that leads to amazing clarity and inspiration, encouraging you to take action toward your vision:


The Vision Integration Session lasts for only 90 minutes, but the changes are lasting and you will never want do a vision board in a different way!


And even after you finish the session, all it takes is one hour per day to continue your fast track to your dreams, building confidence every single day. 


Hard to believe? Let me show you how it works. Because it does! The next chapter of your life is waiting!



Are you ready?

As a certified Vision Integration Method®️ coach, I’m trained to guide you through this motivating process so the things you crave become things you get to have. 

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Stop chasing and start embracing.

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You’re in the right place if you’re ready to ditch self doubt and finally believe in yourself to FINALLY get into the best shape of your life or start that dream online business. 

I can help you think through things, develop creative solutions, and create plans for your future. 



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