My story: How (the heck) did I end up as a holistic lifestyle coach?

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Hey, I’m Natasa from Finland! I am a holistic lifestyle coach, business comedian and an advocate for conscious living and a manifesting mentor certified in the Vision Integration Method ™.
I deeply believe the key to successful lifestyle design is tapping into the resources currently available and your own creativity. And while having goals in life is important, it’s even more important to learn how to enjoy the process.
Currently I’m living my dream life with my husband and my daughter in the home that we built together and run my creative business working only a few hours a day.
For a very long time I tried to resist becoming a “lifestyle coach” because I felt like… who am I to tell anyone how to live their lives? Then I realized that’s not what being a lifestyle coach is at all. It’s about guiding people on their path so they can ind their preferred way of living themselves!
In my business I help creative dreamers gain clarity so they can start their creative dream business, step into their confidence and help them conciously manifest their dreams and simplify their strategies in both health & wealth, through my 1:1 coaching and vision board workshops so they can create success on their own terms and feel safe, happy and free every day.
Sounds dreamy right? I know. But it was not always like this…

The number one question I get asked is “how did I build this life?”

Growing up into adulthood I always had 3 patterns that kept showing up: being broke, problems with my health, and trying to look for my purpose and WHO I AM.. Raised by my grandma, I witnessed how someone can pretty much give up all her own dreams in order to keep someone else safe and happy.
My real FIRST rock bottom moment was when my health was literally falling apart in my twenties and I know a lot of it had to do with my poor lifestyle choices. A complete lifestyle change (quitting bad habits, fixing my diet and starting to move my body and all that jazz) I got my health (and body) back eventually.
I hit my SECOND rock bottom a few years ago. I was unemployed, broke and heart broken. Feeling like my life was going nowhere, I met my husband. It was love at first sight and we got married after 1 year and started building our life together.
Excited and inspired from all the results I had gotten from the lifestyle changes I had made earlier, I wanted to join a personal trainer program to get certified, so I could help others get the healthy, energetic body they were dreaming about too. The program was expensive and we didn’t have the money, but I decided I wanted more and I enrolled anyway.
mama be fit
(Pictures from one of my first online courses as a personal trainer, called “Mama Be Fit”)


It all started from a DECISION

I DECIDED that I wanted to do it, and while I didn’t know the HOW, I trusted that things would fall into place.
This led to a lifestyle of hustling towards a goal (saving money for our dream home) and while it served us at the time, we realized we were unhappy. Something had to change.
This was the catalyst into conscious living, where I realized I could design a life that feels energizing and nourishing. I believe that life is about fully living, not just chasing one goal to the next.
ENJOYING THE PROCESS is an important (if not the most important) part of reaching any goal 💛
STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 where I’ll be sharing my breakthrough!
What do you believe to be the most important part of reaching goals in life?

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Written by Natasa

I'm a personal trainer and a creative business coach from Finland and I help people rewire their belief system around success, create a clear vision and take care of their precious energy so that they can CREATE THEIR OWN SUCCESS and feel energized, confident & free.



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