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Conscious Vision Intensive 1:1

If you’re ready to uplevel your life in all areas, and totally transform the way you think about goal setting, this is for you <3

A 4 week 1:1 program to collapse time and live your dream quicker than you could ever imagine.

This is more than just goal setting. It’s your guide to personal success so you can achieve your vision in full. Each step of Vision Intergation Method builds up to the previous one. 

The sessions:

  1. Become the one & Say yes to you


Success is just the side effect of who you become. The first session is all about being and setting up intentions and your life coordinates. Understanding the law of averages will help you to level up in every area of your life so you’re not excelling just in one area and forgetting the rest. Only when we level up in all areas of our lives, do we get to experience true lasting transformation. Today is the day you start saying yes to yourself and go from reactive to conscious creation. This session is all about action, the small shifts that make a big difference. You will get to experience the domino effect consistent action creates when you do this right.


2. What you get to have, Self Sabotages and Limiting Beliefs 


Expansive beliefs lead to expansive actions and having is a reflection of being and doing. We are putting down the imaginary fences: Learn to say no to old beliefs that have kept you from taking the things you need to do and invite new expansive beliefs in your life that will help you take action! This is the session where the previous work comes together to help you get clear about your vision and what success looks like to you in the following months. After this session, you will create an inspiring and motivating vision board that will remind you of your path and actions every single day.


3. Conscious Living Blueprint 


This deep mindset session is where we bring the subconscious beliefs about your worthiness and enoughness into the conscious. We dig deep into your default life conditioning, the beliefs and patterns you hold onto (the ways things should or shouldn’t be), and release the unnecessary weight by creating your new Conscious Living Blueprint so you can start building the healthy and wealthy life you truly deserve.



 + Magic In Momentum Support

Taking action is non-negotiable to achieve our goals. To do it, you must know when to do it. During our 4 weeks together we make you accountable to show up for yourself like you do for everyone and everything else. You will have me as your guide via Voxer app so you can ask me anything and report your achievements and progress.



3 weekly x 90 min sessions via Zoom

Business hour Voxer support mon-fri


997€ (+VAT)



“With Natasa’s humane and gentle guidance, it was easy to go through what one really wants, what are the first steps and how to focus on what is essential.”

-Natte Kuznezov

“With Natasa’s help, I found what I really want to do and together we have worked on things from ideas to concrete action. I always get help and support from Natasa if my self-belief starts to wane.”

-Saija Hakonen

“The most significant thing for me has been the clarification of the plans – the vague future has become concrete ideas and intentions, not only in the short term, but also in the longer term. Now it’s easier to start directing my own activities.”

-Agata Makowiecka

I’m Natasa Höök

A certified personal trainer, vision strategist and an advocate for conscious living. Born and raised in Finland I also have a creative background as a an art framer artisan. I became certified in Vision Integration Method after experiencing it’s life changing, magical results in my own life, and since then I’ve experienced it every year and helped others gain similar results too!

I deeply believe the key to successful lifestyle design is tapping into the resources currently available and your own creativity. And while having goals in life is important, it’s even more important to learn how to enjoy the process. 


Certifications and training

    • Master Life Coach & Practitioner 2023 (POBA)
    • Vision Intergation Method Certification 2021
    • Marie Forleo’s Business School Course (B-School) 2019
    • Trainer4You Certified Personal Trainer 2016 (EuropeActive Licence)
    • Trainer4You Certified Gym Instructor 2016 
    • Fitness Boxing Instructor 2016 (Finnish Boxing Federation)
    • Trainer4You Wellness Coach 2015 (Kehittävän harjoittelun perusteet)
    • Art Framer Artisan (Koulutuskeskus salpaus) 
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