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vision integration course



What if you could actually get everything you want?


What you really really want.


A reality where you get to experience the peace, the simplicity, wellbeing and the relationship of your dreams. Not just talk about it. 


No more just staying in bed overthinking everything and scrolling through social media📱😴


No more just watching trainings and reading books from motivational experts and knowing the ins and outs of motivation and transforming your life on a theoretical level without actually knowing where to start.

You are going BECOME the person who goes AFTER their DREAMS and takes intentional ACTION!


Bring awareness to where you are right now without judgement and build aligned habits that support you in the most critical parts of your life.


No more randomly throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.  Get ready to throw INTENTIONAL SPAGHETTI!

like magic!

This is unlike any other Vision Board you’ve ever done before:

You might have heard about vision boards. 

You might even have done one before. Or possibly many! 

The Vision Integration Method® is the next level of vision boards. The key to a successful vision board is creating one that will get you emotionally invested, confident, and clear on your goals and how to get there.

Amazing things have happened to people in just under 24hrs of making a vision board with this method.

How? Because we get clear on who you need to Be, what you need to do and what you get to have as a result. Baby Steps Baby!

let's get you into action mode

Regardless of what you want– Start a business, write a book, better health, a loving relationship…

In this course I will be taking you through the Vision Integration Method® that will help you gain the insight you need to make real changes that stick.

 We dive deep into all areas of your life, challenge your old patterns and beliefs.  

not just pretty pictures

You’ll understand exactly how your old patterns and beliefs have been holding you back. 

And you won’t just be listening to me speak. 

You’ll be workshopping YOUR plan together with me. So you’ll leave knowing exactly what to do to create the results you crave in YOUR life.

If you’re ready for…..

the secret is out…

Be, Do, Have.


When it comes to the vision board process, there are  3 key ingredients that must be worked into it…and almost no one is including them.

But now YOU will have the secret recipe! 

Live your life by design, not default

And the beauty is that once you learn this, you can use it to create out of this world results in all areas of your life.

We begin by setting our intentions and bringing awareness to where you are right now without judgement.

The course gives you a 360 view on where you are now and who you are ready to BECOME so that you can BE, DO & Have it all! 

Once you do your vision board this way, you’ll never go back!

Special delivery…

What’s included:


3 (three) bite sized video sessions.


Digital Vision Board Template (Canva).

Bonus: Vision Board Phone Background template (Canva)


bonus: create your vision board on canva tutorial (47€value)

vision integration method®

The Power Of Be-Do-Have



Achieve your goals faster and easier with the power of visualization.

This method will help you change from default to design letting your old self go and welcoming who you are ready to become. Get clear on what you get to have as a result of being & doing in each area of your life defining what SUCCESS is to YOU!

meet your vision integration method®

certified coach

Hey, I’m Natasa! I am an intuitive business & wellness coach, advocate for conscious living and a manifesting mentor certified in the Vision Integration Method ™   

I deeply believe the key to successful lifestyle design is tapping into the resources currently available and your own creativity. And while having goals in life is important, it’s even more important to learn how to enjoy the process. 

Currently I’m living my dream life with my husband and my daughter in the home that we built together and run my creative business working only a few hours a day.  

It wasn’t always this way. I went from unemployment, health scares, financial pressure to miraculously manifesting the home of my dreams with my amazing partner and daughter, whilst using my creative and intuitive gifts. 

The catalyst was a very conscious decision to be resourceful and creative to design a lifestyle that is nourishing and expansive. 

This is why I’m such an advocate for conscious living. At the intersection of health, wealth and conscious lifestyle, my work is about unleashing your unique creativity and tapping into your resourcefulness: I help my clients rewire their belief system around money, create a clear vision and take care of their precious energy so that they can CREATE THEIR OWN SUCCESS and feel JOYFUL, FUN & FREE.