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[1:1 Coaching] Conscious Vision Intensive (997€)

A 4-week program to collapse time and live your dream quicker than you could ever imagine using the Vision Integration Method.

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[Course] Meal Planning and Prep (29,99€)

Your roadmap to delicious, stress-free, happy eating. Meal plan and mix and match meals to simplify every day life.

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[Book] Do More Stupid Things: Stories Of Those Who Bucked Conventional Wisdom and It All Worked Out

In a time when safety and security are encouraged and valued, this book celebrates those who dare to live outside the lines. These stories will remind you that taking risks and self belief are the key ingredients to magic and miracles. It’s not easy to go against the grain, but as you’ll see in this book, it offers huge rewards for the brave ones willing to “do stupid things.

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[Design ] Custom Illustration (97€)

You are a unique masterpiece and your precious gifts need to be shared with the world. This design will be custom made based on your brand & vision.


Use it in your website, social media or brand merchandise just as you wish to stand out.

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[PDF] Hyvinvoinnin seurantatyökalu - Simple Health Tracker - Maksuton

Nosta fyysinen hyvinvointisi uudelle tasolle ja tunne olosi levänneeksi ja energiseksi koko viikon tämän yksinkertaisen rutiinin avulla.

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[PDF] Kukkarolle kevyt (ja jopa semiterveellinen) ruokaviikko - Maksuton

Tein tämän ruokaviikkopohjan kukkarolle kevyistä ruuista siksi, ettei sinun tarvitsisi rahastressin keskellä ahdistua ruokasuunnittelusta. Mukana myös pohja jonka avulla voit tehdä ihan oman ruokasuunnitelmasi.

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I’m Natasa!

A certified personal trainer, vision strategist and an advocate for conscious living. Born and raised in Finland I also have a creative background as a an art framer artisan. I became certified in Vision Integration Method after experiencing it’s life changing, magical results in my own life, and since then I’ve experienced it every year and helped others gain similar results too!

I deeply believe the key to successful lifestyle design is tapping into the resources currently available and your own creativity. And while having goals in life is important, it’s even more important to learn how to enjoy the process. 

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